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We offer a wide range of hair treatments that can help to highlight your hair features or just to compliment your look.

Aura Hair

Duration From
Wash and Cut 30 mins £25.00
Wash, Cut and Blow-dry 45 mins £35.00
Wash, Blow-dry 45 mins £30.00

Children (Under 11)

Duration From
Dry Cut 15 mins £15.00
Wash and Cut 20 mins £20.00
Wash, Cut and Blow-dry 30 mins £25.00

Hair Treatments

Hair spa treatments for the Hair and Scalp

Duration From
Hot Oil Treatment 30 mins £30.00
Keratin Treatment 30 mins £80.00
Deep conditioning treatment 30 mins £30.00
Roller Setting 30 mins £25.00
Permanent Hair Straightening 1 hr 30 mins £150.00


Duration From
Full Head Colour 60 mins £50.00
Full Head High/Low Lights 1 hr 30 mins £65.00
T Section Highlight 60 mins £60.00
T Section Highlight including base colour 60 mins £70.00
Root Tint 60 mins £40.00
Bailage/Ombre 2 hours £80.00
Toner 30 mins £25.00
Colour Change 60 mins TBC

As every yarn lends itself to the creation of a very specific garment, so every type of hair requires "its" cut.

Hair can make or break the overall look of the personality. Who doesn’t love a robust head full of healthy shiny locks of hair?

At Aura beauty salon, hair care is a real beauty ritual. Each step, from washing to drying, is part of a tailor-made treatment to strengthen, repair, and hydrate damaged hair. We choose the right shampoo for repairing damaged and lifeless hair and take care of the scalp keeping it healthy and hydrated.

We apply creams and thermo-protectors to polish and protect the hair from the heat of the hairdryer and the straightener and we do the styling using only professional brushes, so as not to break the hair and minimise mechanical stress.

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